PHP 5.5.37 is released

June 2, 2016

PHP - Codeigniter Workshop (2016-06-01 to 2016-06-30) [Training] (India)
About the Course

PHP - Easy to learn and develop dynamic web sites. Topics Covered PHP ONLINE / Developer Training Fast Track - Basic and Advanced PHP course and Live Project

Part - 1 Introduction Applications and Frameworks Get Started, Variables, Data Types Control Structure , Operators and Expressions Strings and Arrays Functions , Local & Global Variables in Functions

Part - 2 Files Handling and Globbing Exception Handling Date, Time and Calendar API’s Command Line Frameworks Regular Expressions and Parsing

Part - 3 References OOPS Concepts Classes and objects Instance and Instantiation User Defined Classes Member variables and Methods constructors and Destructors Super class Default Attributes and Methods Inheritance and Override methods Polymorphism Function and Operator Overloading Abstract Classes Multiple Inheritance and Diamond Inheritance problem

Part 4 Collections PHP Utility Programs

Part 5 Working with HTTP and Browser HTML Forms and Query Strings Cookies and Sessions and FTP File Upload and Download Working with Email Encryption & security

Part 6 Working with MYSQL and PHP Working with XML Web application performance AJAX

Part 7 Working with PEAR Template engine Internationalization PHP Best Practices

Part 8 Application Development Projects Who should attend People with knowledge of programming knowledge and Web design knowledge Pre-requisites Programming knowledge Web design knowledge What you need to bring Nothing\"\" Key Takeaways Course Material. 100% Practical Training and projects. Placement assistance provided for good candidates. You can work on more than one project. You will work on our freelance projects Opportunity to work on our products - See more at:


Hannover (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (Germany)
Every first Thursday in the Month, there\'s a meeting for about 10 People from Hannover, Germany.


Meetup Day (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
MEETUP with other local PHP developers, exchange ideas and talk about code, architecture, innovation, and open source in general.


PHP London (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United Kingdom)
This is the regular meeting of the PHP London user group. Always held on the first Thursday of every month at a central London pub.

Meeting starts at 7pm. Demos start at 8pm til 9ish. Then beer.

Please check the web site for this month's location and activities.


Boston PHP Meetup (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
Boston PHP User Group/Meetup.


Atlanta PHP User Group (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
Atlanta PHP connects and unites PHP users across the Southeast, provides world-class support and resources to the community, and advocates the adoption of PHP to local, national, and international businesses.

Atlanta PHP formed in late 2004. Mentored by the highly successful New York PHP group, Atlanta PHP aims to expand upon those successes in the Southeast by implementing a similar model and approach. With a growing member base, Atlanta PHP is building a community of professionals dedicated to the development and proliferation of PHP and related technologies. Atlanta PHP actively supports its community through sponsorship of networking events, regular meetings, a community-driven Web site, and mailing lists. Through partnerships with local, national, and international businesses, Atlanta PHP works to promote PHP and related technologies across the Southeast.


Seattle PHP Meetup Group (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
The Seattle PHP Meetup Group meets near REI monthly to discuss this, that and whatever about PHP. Some months we have defined presentations, other we ramble, every time though; it's a blast!


SF PHP Meetup (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
The San Francisco PHP Meetup group is a place for all things PHP and LAMP. Based in the SOMA of San Francisco we have a wide variety of dot-com companies and contractors participating including,,, and


Minnesota PHP User Group (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
The Minnesota PHP User Group is a community for people to network, share knowledge, and learn about PHP, the various frameworks and open source technologies.


OrlandoPHP User Group (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
The Orlando PHP user group meets monthly to discuss topics in PHP and web development, to sharpen our coding skills with collaborative code katas, and to meet other developers in the Central Florida area.


PHPTwente Meetup (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (Netherlands)
Monthly PHP user group meetup for the Twente area.

Each month at a different location but always in Twente. 

Usually there will be a talk or presentation and a chance to talk afterwards.

Beer may be involved.

For full details on this months meetup, please visit our website.


Vilnius PHP community meetup (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (Lithuania)
Vilnius PHP community monthly meetup


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